Features of Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Hydrogel contact lenses are contact lenses made of hydrogel. Today, I will introduce the characteristics of hydrogel contact lenses.


Hydrogel is one of the main materials for contact lenses currently on the market, and non-ionic materials such as HEMA belong to this category. Hydrogel lenses are soft and elastic, and at the same time have a high water content, which is moist and comfortable, and feels like nothing after wearing them. However, hydrogel contact lenses cannot allow high oxygen permeability and high water content to coexist. Only lenses with high water content have high oxygen permeability. However, contact lenses with high water content are more likely to evaporate and cause dry eyes. This contradiction makes many people discouraged.

In the subsequent development process, the hydrogel was upgraded to a material called silicon hydrogel. Silicon hydrogel has dual oxygen-permeable channels of silicon and water. It has good performance in oxygen permeability and moisture retention. It not only keeps the eyes hydrated and comfortable, but also has an oxygen permeability that is more than five times that of hydrogels. , so it is very popular with consumers. Silicone hydrogels easily absorb sediment and are generally used to make short-cycle contact lenses, so they are also considered to be the healthiest type of contact lenses.


In fact, in terms of selection, we cannot simply select the best products, only the types that are most suitable for individuals. Everyone must not blindly follow the trend. Maybe others wear contact lenses that they think are suitable, but they have a foreign body sensation when they are wearing them, or problems such as slippage may occur. Therefore, it must be selected according to eye data and actual wearing experience.

The above are the characteristics of hydrogel contact lenses. After understanding, you will not have any doubts about the material, and you can know it when you buy it.