Gray Contact Lenses

The main products produced by Realcon is soft contact lenses, divided into soft color contact lens and transparent contact lens. In terms of usage period, it is divided into yearly disposal contact lens, 6-monthly disposal contact lens, monthly disposal contact lens and daily disposal contact lens. In terms of packing form, it is divided into vial packing and blister packing.

Gray contact lenses is more and more prevalent. Compared with brown, gray contact lens is more suitable for the girls who have great personality, which is more modern and magnificent with mixed-blood queen glamour. In addition, gray contact lens could create a sexy atmosphere with cat eye captivation. 

 The below attached is the selfie of beautiful fairy.  

Gray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact LensesGray Contact Lenses

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