How about daily throw contact lenses?

The different life cycles of contact lenses provide consumers with more choices, but also raise a lot of questions. Recently, the sales of daily disposable contact lenses are very hot, so today we will have an in-depth understanding of daily disposable contact lenses!


Daily contact lenses are disposable lenses that need to be changed every day, but that doesn't mean they'll last a full day. One day after unpacking is regarded as the shelf life of daily disposable contact lenses, which can be simply understood as single use. If you take off the lens in the middle of use, author suggests that you directly abandon, otherwise it will lose the significance of daily hygiene. At the same time, in order to ensure safety and health, we do not reuse daily disposable contact lenses, nor do we need to use nursing solution to soak disinfection, a single wear as far as possible not more than 8 hours.

The biggest advantage of day-cast contact lenses is that they do not need to come with a solution and a double case. Although it is not cost-effective, but it saves the cost of supporting products, but also saves the trouble of rubbing and cleaning, to reduce the accumulation of protein to the greatest extent, so it is especially suitable for busy work, frequent business trips and other people to buy, there are many beauty bloggers are also more willing to choose day throw.


Due to the high water content of daily disposable contact lenses, soft lenses, focus on improving the comfort of wearing, so it is not easy to remove and wear. For first-time wearers to buy contact lenses for the first time, author is not recommended to directly choose the day cast, in use may encounter more difficulties, repeated wear can not cause lens pollution, adverse to eye health.

In short, no matter what kind of contact lenses are worn during the service cycle, it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the lenses and eyes hygienic and clean, so as to avoid bringing bacteria and viruses into the eyes and burying safety risks.