How about half a year tossing contact lenses?

Because everyone's eye habits are different, everyone's needs for contact lenses are also different. For people who don't wear contact lenses often and pursue high cost performance, half-yearly throwing is a good choice. All contact lenses marked on the packaging with a cycle of 6 months are semi-annual disposable contact lenses. The recommended use time for half-yearly throwing is half a year. After more than half a year, the lens may deteriorate that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, and may no longer effectively resist the growth of bacteria and viruses, so it is not suitable to continue to use it. Of course, unopened lenses usually have a shelf life of 3 years, but after opening, they must be worn according to the usage cycle. In terms of material, the semi-annual toss is made of hydrogel, with low water content, good shape, easy to wear and remove, very suitable for beginners, and also suitable for people with low tear secretion. Semi-annual and annual lenses belong to long-cycle lenses. Due to the long use time, protein deposits cannot be completely removed. We generally recommend discarding them about a month in advance to ensure eye health. The price of semi-annual disposable contact lenses is related to many factors, such as specifications, brands, materials, series, sales channels and so on. Usually, we say that half-yearly selling is more affordable because compared with daily and monthly selling, the price of half-yearly selling a single frame is lower, and it can be used for a longer period of time. However, it should be noted that in the process of wearing for half a year, you should purchase a care solution at the same time to clean the protein deposits attached to the lenses. All in all, the biggest advantage of semi-annual throwing is that it is easy to get started and cost-effective. Whether you buy semi-annual throwing contact lenses online or offline, you should look for the sales qualification license.