How can I buy the right contact lenses for me?

 When choosing contact lenses, you may have to refer to a lot of homework and comprehensively evaluate many parameters. But in fact, the most important thing to buy contact lenses is to choose the right lens for yourself, in addition to considering the parameters of contact lenses, personal life and eye habits are also very important.


First of all, let's talk about the choice of contact lens parameters. In the regular eye hospital or optometry shop have a very detailed optometry process, can help you detect the fundus and vision, more importantly, you can determine whether your eye condition can wear contact lenses through examination, to ensure that the matching data is correct and suitable, in order to improve vision and will not affect eye health

Then, you need to consider your own actual situation. The most simple and understandable classification of contact lenses is to distinguish according to the replacement cycle, including a long cycle such as half-year throwing, annual throwing, and a short cycle such as daily throwing, monthly throwing, etc., which requires the wearer to choose according to the frequency of wearing and use habits, such as frequent business trips, people who do not have the energy to do nursing work are more suitable for wearing daily throwing and so on. At the same time, the water content of contact lenses with different use cycles is also very different, if the tear secretion is less, the eyes are easy to dry, then you should choose a contact lens with lower water content to avoid water evaporation too fast.


Although it is now possible to purchase contact lenses quickly via the Internet, a poor fit can affect the comfort of wearing them and may also have a negative impact on vision. Therefore, you must wear contact lenses in accordance with the instructions, and if you encounter any questions or discomfort, you must consult your doctor in time.