How can I protect my vision when wearing contact lenses?

 With myopia gradually becoming younger, the state in order to attract everyone's attention to the protection of vision, June 6 will be set as the National Eye Care Day. Daily eye care is important, not to mention when wearing contact lenses, let's see if you have any of these bad eye habits when wearing glasses.


Contact lenses for a long time do not take off, may be difficult to separate with the eyeball? Wearing contact lenses for a long time, the cornea can not contact the oxygen in the outside air, it will affect the metabolic function, which will not only make the resistance to decline, but also cause inflammation and infection. Especially wearing contact lenses when staying up late or sleeping, the harm is more serious, inducing inflammation and redness under continuous stimulation, and finally the lens will really not be able to take off normally.

Wearing contact lenses for a long time will cause visual fatigue, which is mainly caused by corneal hypoxia, eye swelling, dryness and other symptoms are the external manifestations of corneal hypoxia. Therefore, when wearing contact lenses, we should pay attention to avoid excessive use of the eyes, if the use of computers, mobile phones for a long time, it is necessary to rest and relax every hour.


Must do cleaning on time, pay attention to hygiene. Whether it is the lens or the double-box, or the small tweezers and fingers that contact the lens, they should be cleaned and disinfected, because the lens has a high water content, it is easy to breed a lot of bacteria, and if you are not careful to cause infection, it will eventually lead to vision loss.

Also pay attention to reading the environment when wearing contact lenses. Too dark or too bright is not suitable for reading, looking at the phone or computer screen brightness is too high or too low will cause irritation to the retina. In daily life, we should pay attention to developing good sleep habits, don't stay up late, properly overlook, and the most important thing is to remember to take off contact lenses before going to bed!

Once the vision problem occurs, it is difficult to recover as before. Caring for the eyes is a long-term habit. I hope everyone can wear contact lenses healthily!