How do I clean my hands when wearing contact lenses?

In the process of wearing contact lenses, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is very important, and even directly related to the health of the eyes. In the cleaning of all processes, ensuring that hands are clean is always the most basic. Today, we will talk about the specific requirements of hand cleaning when wearing contact lenses.


Before wearing contact lenses, you need to thoroughly clean your hands with a gentle, neutral hand sanitizer, including the palms, backs of hands, fingers and under nails. If the nails are too long, they should be trimmed and then cleaned and disinfected. If you often wear contact lenses, it is not recommended that you keep long fingernails, so that it is easy to scratch the lens or leave scratches, resulting in unnecessary losses. author recommends that you use running water to wash your hands, and if necessary, you can also use care solution for secondary rinsing and disinfection.

After washing your hands, dry them off with a non-shedding towel. Due to the relatively high water content of contact lenses and strong hydrophilicity, if there is a lot of water on the finger, it will absorb the lens, so that the contact lenses cannot be attached to the eyeball by themselves, and it is easy to cause wearing failure.


Similarly, you should follow the steps above to clean your hands before taking the mirror. Because after removing the lens, it is generally necessary to immediately rub and rinse the lens, the lens should be placed in the palm, and the finger abdomen should be gently rubbed, so everyone must ensure the cleanliness of the hand.

In the process of wearing contact lenses, it is inevitable to have dry eyes, discomfort and other problems, be sure to avoid rubbing your eyes with dirty hands, otherwise it is not only easy to cause infection, but also easy to break the lens!