How do I remove my contact lenses?

One of the most common complications of contact lenses is inflammation. There have been news reports that sleeping without taking off contact lenses led to almost blindness, the parties because they were too busy to take off contact lenses, after several days not only the eye pain, but also can not see things clearly, until the medical doctor found that there have been symptoms of corneal ulcer. Although it has improved with treatment, the decreased vision cannot be recovered and the contact lenses can no longer be worn.


Wearing contact lenses overnight is the most likely cause of eye complications. This is because after the eyes are closed, the oxygen needed by the cornea is not available, which will affect the normal metabolic function. At the same time, the friction of foreign bodies will also cause an increase in eye secretions, which will inevitably lead to an inflammatory response. Therefore, do not wear contact lenses all night, you must remove the lens on time.

The commonly used method of removing contact lenses is to clean and disinfect both hands, press the left index finger and middle finger at the root of the eyelashes, pull the upper and lower eyelids to the maximum Angle, and then press the thumb and index finger of the right hand on the edge of the lens to slightly exert force, so that the contact lenses can be removed directly from the eyeball.


Another method that is easier to master is to press the upper eyelid with the two fingers of the left hand, then open the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the right hand, and press the thumb and index finger of the right hand to remove the contact lens. This method is especially suitable for people with sensitive eyes and easy to blink, and can open the eyelid more stably.

In general, it is recommended to wear no more than 8 hours each time. If worn for too long, the eye may be dry and it is not easy to successfully remove the contact lens. At this time, artificial tears are a good choice. Dry eyes, lens moisture is also insufficient, will stick to the eyeball is relatively tight, excessive force is easy to scratch the cornea, use artificial tears to moisten the eyes, relieve dryness, make up the water, it is easy to take out contact lenses.