How does contact lens stick on the hand do?

    When wearing contact lenses, sometimes it will be found that the lenses are "very disobedient". Obviously, as long as they are pushed into the eyes, the lenses are always stuck on the fingers at the last moment, resulting in failure every time. So, what is the reason why contact lenses always stick to your hands, and how should we solve it?



    Soft contact lenses on the cornea, to have better comfort, we need to do some light. With the continuous innovation of process technology, the lens is becoming thinner and thinner, which has greatly improved the oxygen permeability and wearing feeling of contact lenses, but also brought some problems. Too thin lenses are not easy to form, always soft and prone, they will be easy to stick on fingers, not easy to wear. Moreover, the higher the water content of the lens, the softer it will be, so it is not recommended for novices to start from the day of throwing.



    If the fingers are dry and the eyes are moist, the hydrophilic lenses will be closer to the eyes. After washing hands, in order to avoid bacterial contamination of lenses in tap water, it is necessary to dry hands with lint free towels, or let the water on hands dry naturally before subsequent operations. If the lens carries a lot of care fluid, it will also cause the lens to stick to the fingers. You can use small tweezers to shake off the excess care fluid on the lens, or shake off the excessive moisture on the fingertips, so that it is more convenient to wear.

    The wrong way of wearing can cause many eye problems. Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct knowledge to protect your eyes. Practice makes perfect when you take off and wear contact lenses. If you practice more, you can find the trick. Sometimes you can't wear contact lenses, maybe it's because you neglect some small details.