How does novice take off contact lens?

The wearing and removal of contact lenses are two difficulties for novices. It's not easy to push the lens into the eyes. When you want to take it out, it seems that the lens is stuck on the eyes. You can't try it. Do you also encounter such a problem?



Before you take off the contact lenses, you must not forget to wash your hands thoroughly and use the neutral hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse the foam with flowing water. It's better not to keep nails when wearing contact lenses, especially for the fingers contacting the lenses during the care and wearing process. It must be ensured that they are thoroughly cleaned. In order to avoid microbial contamination of lenses in tap water, hands must be dried with a lint free towel.

For the novice, when removing the contact lenses, the eyeball will always avoid unconsciously. It will increase the tension and scratch the cornea when using small tweezers. You can use the middle finger and index finger of the same hand to open the eyelid, or you can use the index finger of one hand to press the upper eyelid, and the ring finger or middle finger of the other hand to open the lower eyelid until the whole eyeball is exposed. At this time, press the edge of the lens with your fingers to easily arch the lens out of the eye. If the eyes are sensitive, try to look at the middle of the eyes, slide the lens to the eye white with the index finger, and it is easier to succeed when the lens is removed.



There is also a way to reduce contact with the cornea. After thoroughly opening the eyelid, pull the eyelid towards the corner of the eye, and press the lens out of the eye with the power of blinking. But we need to pay attention not to use too much force when pulling, to avoid squeezing the eyeball or breaking the lens.

Novice always face failure, may be frequent blinking, may also be how to pull the lens do not fall out. In a word, we should try more boldly. After finding the feeling, we will gradually become familiar with the road.