How does the base arc of contact lens choose just right?

Compared with other contact lens parameters, the base arc is a less noticeable parameter, but it is also important and cannot be ignored. So, how to choose the base arc of contact lens?


The base arc of a contact lens refers to the radius of curvature of the lens. Generally speaking, it is the arc of the lens. If the base arc is large, the lens arc is flatter, and if the base arc is small, the lens is more curved. The base arc will affect the comfort of wearing to a large extent. The lens that is too flat is easy to shift when worn, causing instability in the field of vision and may also fall directly, while the lens that is too curved will be tightly attached to the eyeball, affecting the corneal breathing and aggravating the sense of eye fatigue.

In order to obtain accurate baseline data, you can go to the eye hospital or professional optical shop measurement. Generally speaking, the eye arcs of normal Asian people range from 8.4 to 8.6. You only need to choose the right contact lens according to the eye arcs. However, if the base arc is special and cannot be matched directly, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger base arc within 0.2MM.


Therefore, we should try it on in time after matching glasses, so how to check whether the base arc is appropriate? After successfully wearing the lens, you can gently push the lens with the tip of a clean finger. If the lens slides away easily, it indicates that the base arc is too large; if the lens remains still, it indicates that the base arc is too small. Only when part of the lens can be pushed away, it indicates that the base arc of the lens is more suitable for your eyeball.

Author suggests that you check and measure your eye data before buying contact lenses, which will be of great help for the selection of contact lens parameters, but contact lenses tend to be personalized after all, data is only one hand, and ultimately it depends on the real feeling after the actual try oh!