How long can contact lenses be worn?

Contact lenses are made of special materials. In addition to normal aging and degradation, their antibacterial properties will gradually decline with use, thereby affecting the corrective effect of the lenses. At the same time, the contact lens will continue to absorb protein deposits during the wearing process, blocking the oxygen-permeable pores. So, how long can contact lenses be worn?


The length of wearing contact lenses needs to refer to their use cycle, and you must wear them within the use cycle according to the content marked on the instruction manual. For example, daily throws need to be replaced daily, monthly throws need to be replaced monthly, annual throws need to be replaced every year, and so on. However, we recommend wearing it for no more than 8 hours in a row, so as not to affect the normal breathing of the cornea.

Wearing contact lenses for too long can easily affect corneal respiration, resulting in eye redness, increased secretions, red blood, inflammation and infection due to hypoxia. Failure to remove contact lenses in time to help the eyes relax and rest can lead to more serious eye problems.


Among the many types of contact lenses, rigid contact lenses have the highest oxygen permeability and can correct the shape of the cornea by changing the shape of the cornea, so they can be safely worn overnight. However, the oxygen permeability of soft contact lenses cannot meet the requirements of wearing them all night, so they can only be used during the day and cannot be worn to sleep.

The hot summer has come, everyone may sweat a lot outside on weekdays, and most of them are left open in the house. Therefore, in order to maintain wearing hygiene and prevent the lens from evaporating too quickly, it is recommended that you strictly control the wearing time, and do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.