How long can throwing contact lenses last for half a year?

 Contact lenses can be divided into annual throw, half a year throw, monthly throw, daily throw and other types, and half a year throw as the traditional type of the main push product, how long can it be used?

 Half a year throwing contact lenses are mainly made of hydrogel, strong durability, but also can effectively prevent the accumulation of protein precipitation. However, in the process of wearing, the contact lenses will inevitably absorb a variety of sediment, and in order to ensure the feeling of use, we must clean the lens after taking out the lens every time.


 The water content of half a year is 38%, which belongs to a low water content, so the lens lock water is relatively strong, you can not have to absorb tears too much to maintain water, so half a year can maintain moisture for a longer time, more suitable for people with dry eyes to wear.

 At the same time, the half-year sale also means that the maximum use period of six months. According to the actual unpacking date calculation, within half a year can be normally worn and cleaning care, and more than half a year later, the antibacterial nature of the lens will be greatly weakened, after a long period of wear, its quality is also difficult to be guaranteed. In addition, if the contact lenses are attached with precipitated material that cannot be removed, they need to be discarded in advance.


 Due to the long use cycle, the lens material thrown for half a year is stronger and more durable than the daily contact lens, not as soft and light as the daily contact lenses, so the difficulty of wear is very low. If you are a new beginner, in the operation of picking off the wear is not very skilled, then wear for half a year to throw some easier to start.

Finally, author reminds you that if you are long-term wearing contact lenses for half a year, you must pay attention to eye hygiene, regular eye review, to avoid eye infections and other diseases.