How long does it take to wear contact lenses?

Everyone knows the steps of matching frame glasses, but some wearers may not know the preparation of contact lenses, and would like to know the general process of matching contact lenses. Today, let's talk about how long it takes to wear contact lenses.


Typically, it takes anywhere from a day to a month to formulate contact lenses. Among them, the preparation speed of ordinary contact lenses is relatively fast, and there are ready-made power tables to choose from. Astigmatism contact lenses are personalized customization. Compared with ordinary lenses, there are more parameters of astigmatism and axial position, and the preparation cycle is longer. RGP rigid contact lenses can only be fitted by eye hospitals with relevant qualifications, and the preparation process is also strict, and it generally takes about a month to complete the fitting.

If it is the first time to prepare contact lenses, then there are many parameters that need to be known. Xiaobian recommends that you conduct optometry and fundus examinations before glasses. Through visual acuity, slit lamp, ophthalmoscope and other inspections, the eye condition and degree parameters are clarified, and then the glasses are matched in a targeted manner.



When fitting glasses, we should not only pay attention to the degree, parameters such as base arc and oxygen permeability are equally important. Generally speaking, we can know the base arc of the eyeball during the inspection, and select the appropriate lens base arc accordingly. In terms of oxygen permeability, the higher the better, the higher the oxygen permeability coefficient, the stronger the ability of the lens to transport oxygen, which can avoid causing corneal hypoxia.

Finally, it needs to be emphasized that everyone must operate and wear in strict accordance with the instructions to avoid sharp tweezers and other tools from scratching the surface of the lens. Wearing contact lenses is very convenient, but you need to pay special attention to the care of the lenses, and you should not be afraid of trouble, otherwise it may cause corneal diseases.