How long is the contact lens replacement cycle?

After contact lenses are unsealed, the replacement cycle is a very important data to refer to. The replacement cycle of contact lenses is also called the use cycle, which can be divided into daily throwing, monthly throwing, seasonal throwing, half-year throwing, annual throwing, etc., when wearing, we can not be confused, and we should not extend the use cycle at will.


In the past, the type of contact lenses was the traditional type based on half-year throwing and annual throwing, in order to extend the life of the lens as much as possible, the material was also more durable, and the protein precipitation was reduced as much as possible and the toughness of the lens was increased by reducing the water content. As wearers gradually begin to pay attention to safety and health, discarding contact lenses such as daily throwing, monthly throwing, and bi-weekly throwing are becoming more and more popular, and there is also the concept of "the shorter the healthier". In order to avoid too much sediment, while shortening the service cycle, the abandoned lens also tries to improve the water content and oxygen permeability to prevent the aging of the lens. In recent years, the abandoned lens also uses silicon hydrogel material, which greatly improves the oxygen permeability and safety of the lens.


The replacement cycle of contact lenses can also be understood as the validity period, that is, no matter whether the lens has cracks and deterioration, as long as the replacement cycle is exceeded, it can not continue to wear. Many people do not clean thoroughly when wearing glasses, sediment accumulation, bacterial proliferation, if coupled with extended wear, it is easy to cause eye complications such as infection.

The characteristics of contact lenses with different replacement cycles are also different, providing you with a rich choice. However, no matter what type of contact lenses you use, you should pay attention to timely replacement of lenses and removal of precipitated substances, which helps to maintain cleanliness, improve safety and health, and increase the comfort of wearing.