How long should contact lenses be worn?

When the weather gets hotter, glasses get more cumbersome, and contact lenses are a good choice.So how long do contact lenses wear?

When the weather is getting hotter and hotter, glasses will become more cumbersome, and contact lenses are a good choice at this time. So, how long should contact lenses be worn?


Regardless of the type of contact lenses, it is best to wear them for no more than 8 hours each time. Wearing it for too long will lead to corneal hypoxia, reduced eye resistance, and easy to cause inflammation and even other eye diseases. It is especially important to note that it is forbidden to wear contact lenses to sleep to prevent severe corneal hypoxia and bacterial proliferation, which may lead to corneal epithelial edema, cell damage, and ulcers.

The packaging of contact lenses will be marked with the type of disposal, and everyone should discard them in time in accordance with the use cycle. Contact lenses that have passed the shelf life may deteriorate invisible to the naked eye, and at the same time, their antibacterial ability will be weakened, and they cannot be used continuously. If too much sediment is difficult to remove or even causes a strong foreign body sensation, it can also be discarded in advance and replaced with a new pair of contact lenses.


When wearing contact lenses and blinking, the lenses will rub against the corneal epithelial cells. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses every day for long-term use to avoid causing a greater burden on the eyes. Generally speaking, you should change to wear glasses at least two days a week, and give your eyes enough time to rest to ensure the stability of the tear layer.

For people with sensitive eyes, we recommend that you carry the contact lens case and care solution with you. Once the eyes are uncomfortable, take it off immediately, wear it after cleaning, or put it back in the double box for soaking.

For eye safety, everyone should read the instructions carefully before wearing glasses, standardize the operation, pay attention to hygiene, and take care of them in a timely and serious manner. In addition, it is recommended that you go to the eye hospital for regular review, keep abreast of eye health, and wear contact lenses reasonably.