How many days can I wear contact lenses per day?

        The kinds of contact lenses can be said to be particularly rich, just from the using of the cycle can be divided into the daily lenses, monthly lenses, half a year lenses, yearly lenses and so on.Some people do not throw the lens away after wearing it for a day, and when they wear it again the next day, they still feel comfortable and want to save wearing it for a few more days.This is a big mistake. The life of a contact lens is the equivalent of a shelf life.



        The biggest advantage of the daily lens is the high water content, so not only the oxygen permeability is much higher than the traditional lens, but also the wear comfort has been greatly improved.But at the same time, the lenses also became more susceptible to proteins and bacteria.There may be no abnormal reaction, friction or dryness in the eyes during repeated wear, but this does not mean the lenses are clean and hygienic.Want to know a lot of impurity is what we cannot observe with the naked eye, hold lucky psychology and reuse always have "roll over" that day.



        Different types of contact lenses generally have slightly different parameters, and the official recommended cycle of use is the result of repeated tests and experiments.The day throws contact lens to be able to wear one day anyway, if exceed this cycle still force to continue to wear, the bacterium that grows on lens causes a variety of eye disease extremely easily.


        Therefore, in order to keep our eyes healthy, we must not exceed 8 hours of wearing contact lenses every day, at the same time, we must also ensure that the contact lenses do not exceed the time limit. After all, the purchase of day throwing contact lenses is for health and safety, so it is still necessary to follow the requirements of day-to-day replacement.