How many days can you wear the monthly contact lenses?

    When wearing contact lenses, the components of tears, eye secretions and various impurities in the external environment will be absorbed on the lenses to form precipitates. Sometimes these precipitates cannot be completely removed, which will affect the health of the eyes. As a result, short period contact lenses such as daily , monthly  and so on are regarded as healthier choices and thus more and more popular. Today, writer will introduce the use of monthly contact lenses .


The service life of monthly contact lenses is one month, from the time of unsealing, the actual service life cannot exceed one month at most. It should be noted that monthly throwing does not mean that you can wear them for one month in a row, no matter how good the material is, how high the oxygen permeability is, or you need to prepare frame glasses to wear alternately. And whether or not to wear, wear how many times, must be abandoned on schedule. Of course, it can also be abandoned a few days in advance. In fact, a lot of precipitates have been accumulated when the contact lenses are thrown in 25 days. In order to avoid the decline of wearing comfort and prevent the growth of bacteria, it is better to replace a new pair of contact lenses in advance.



Some people think that lenses that are not often worn also have less precipitation, and they can be used for a long time if they are well preserved in the care solution. However, we need to emphasize that for contact lenses, the abandonment cycle is the service life, many changes of lenses may not be visible to the naked eye, and arbitrary extension of the use time will cause great damage to the cornea.



A month's time is not long or short, so use month to throw contact lenses must remember the date. In addition, there is not much difference between the moon throwing contact lenses and other types of contact lenses in terms of wearing and removing, and the normal steps should be followed when caring for the lenses.