How many degrees can not wear contact lenses?

If you want your eyes to be more flexible, it's better to give them contact lenses. They can become beautiful instantly without makeup. In addition to becoming more beautiful and relaxed, don't forget that contact lenses have the function of correcting vision. Many nearsighted patients have the same question. Is there any limit to the degree of wearing contact lenses?



Most brands of contact lenses have a maximum degree of 800-1000 degrees, some of which can be customized, but there are very few of them above 1000 degrees. Compared with frame glasses, contact lenses have obvious advantages in imaging, with large field of vision, which also ensures the authenticity of imaging. However, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses if the degree is too high.

High myopia not only brings about vision problems, but also many complications, such as retinal detachment, macular hemorrhage, glaucoma, cataract and so on. Generally speaking, more than 600 degrees may produce certain genetic factors. The eye problems caused by high myopia are basically in the taboo of contact lenses. In order to prevent the aggravation of the disease, we should carefully consider, and check the fundus diseases regularly to eliminate fundus diseases.


And when the degree of myopia is too high, the thickness of the lens also needs to be increased to meet the needs of the object. This will affect the oxygen permeability of the lens and reduce the wearing comfort. High myopia will also be accompanied by astigmatism. Ordinary lenses can not correct astigmatism above 75 degrees, so special astigmatism contact lenses are needed.

In any case, eye health is the most important thing. High myopia increases the risk of contact lenses in a straight line, so it is not suitable for long-term use of contact lenses.