How much are daily disposable contact lenses?

If health and safety are of the utmost importance when wearing contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses are definitely the first choice. Today, let's talk about the price of daily disposable contact lenses.


Generally speaking, the specific price of daily throw will be slightly different depending on the brand and series. Usually, the price of a single piece may range from ten yuan to dozens of yuan. Compared with long-term disposable lenses, daily throws do not have an advantage in terms of cost performance. However, due to the increased water content, the lenses become more hydrated, which further improves the wearing experience. At the same time, everyone no longer needs to worry about protein deposition and washing, so daily throwing is very advantageous in ensuring the safety of wearing and the health of the eyes.

When wearing daily disposables, special attention needs to be paid to controlling the wearing time of the lenses. Although the usage cycle of the daily throw marks one day, it does not mean that the daily throw can be worn all day. Like other types of contact lenses, daily disposables must be worn for less than 8 hours. Moreover, the daily throw can be discarded after it is removed, which is very convenient and hygienic. Everyone can understand that it is a one-time use product.


There is no need to wash or soak it before wearing it daily, so there is no need to purchase additional double boxes and care solution. If you often need to carry contact lenses when going out, on business trips, or when traveling, or if you wear them infrequently and irregularly, it is more suitable to use daily disposable contact lenses, which also saves you the trouble of nursing and cleaning.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that before wearing contact lenses, you should go to the eye hospital to check the basic conditions of your eyes, do an optometry examination, and then choose a suitable lens according to the optometrist's suggestion.