How much are daily disposable contact lenses?

Contact lenses correct vision in daily life, provide a lot of convenience for myopic and hyperopia patients, and also allow many people who love beauty to find new ways to match eye makeup. Among them, daily disposables, as the healthiest type of contact lenses, have become the first choice for many people.


However, the price of daily throws is not fixed. The prices of different brands and different series of daily throws are also different. There is a big difference between buying online or offline. At the same time, the number of daily throws per box is also different. Common ones are 10 pieces, 12 pieces, 15 pieces, 20 pieces, 30 pieces and so on. Generally speaking, the price of a pair of daily throws is around tens of dollars.

Daily throws are a very specific type of short-cycle contact lens. Even if it is a type of monthly throw, it needs to be cleaned in time during the use period, but the daily throw can be discarded directly without soaking or washing. Many people find it difficult to take care of contact lenses, and they also need to buy and regularly disinfect contact lens cases, so daily disposables are a good choice, it does not take time to clean, and no need to buy contact lens cases and care solutions for care. lens. Especially when going out, it is very easy to carry.


However, wearing daily disposables also requires, like all contact lenses, keep in mind the contraindications and use the eyes reasonably and healthily. If you experience symptoms such as redness, swelling, tingling, photophobia or continuous tearing while using the daily disposable, you must stop wearing it immediately and go to the eye hospital in time.

Although daily disposables are more hygienic, you still need to pay attention to developing healthy eye habits during use, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and have regular eye examinations.