How much do daily contact lenses cost?

For contact lens wearers, especially long-term wearers, the parameters and usage methods of contact lenses are already very familiar, so everyone pays more attention to the price of contact lenses. However, the price of each pair of lenses varies greatly whether it is distinguished by the throw type or the purchase channel. Since daily disposable products are disposable products and are very different from other disposable products, today I will mainly introduce the price of daily disposable contact lenses.


Daily disposable contact lenses have high water content and soft material, which is difficult for novices to wear. Therefore, we generally do not recommend novices to buy daily disposable contact lenses. If you try repeatedly because of unskilled operation, it will affect the cleanliness and hygiene of the lens. The oxygen permeability of daily selling is good, moisturizing and healthy, and the price-performance ratio is slightly lower than that of monthly selling, semi-annual selling and annual selling.

Compared with other lenses, the biggest advantage of daily throwing is that it can be thrown away after wearing it, which is very flexible in use. Since there is no need to do cleaning and care work, there is no need to purchase care solution and double box and other supporting tools. If you often need to carry and use contact lenses when you go out, it is definitely more convenient to dispose of them daily. If your eyes are prone to dryness during wearing, you can use eye drops to moisturize.


Generally speaking, multi-piece packages are common in daily-distribution specifications, such as 5, 10, 12, etc., and there are as many as 30 packages, and the price is from tens to hundreds. Although the price of a single pair of daily disposal is more expensive than other disposal types, it saves the cost of buying care solutions and does not need to spend time on nursing. Overall, it is relatively cost-effective. You can buy according to your personal needs. use.