How much does a pair of contact lenses cost?

 Many people are curious about the pricing of contact lenses and the factors that affect the price. Today, author will introduce this aspect in detail.

 The price of contact lenses varies from brand to brand, because there is no unified pricing standard for contact lenses. Contact lenses have many parameters and variety, so we can't measure their price by a single standard.


 There are many factors that affect the price of contact lenses, such as materials, specifications, selling patterns and so on. First of all, the material, the material of contact lenses is roughly divided into hydrogel and silicon hydrogel. Traditional lenses are made with water gel, and the current market share is relatively large, soft and easy to adapt to. Silicon hydrogel is an upgrade material of hydrogel, which greatly improves the oxygen permeability on the basis of hydrogel and can ensure high water content and high oxygen permeability at the same time. It is a more healthy, safe and highly respected new material. Therefore, silicon hydrogel contact lenses are naturally at a higher price than hydrogel contact lenses.


 Again, the common specifications of traditional contact lenses are one piece, two pieces, abandoned contact lenses have five pieces, ten pieces, 20 pieces, now there are daily throw specifications increased to 30 pieces. Specifications have a lot to do with the use cycle, and they also affect the pricing of contact lenses.

Finally, the throw, the traditional type has a long use cycle, the price of each pair will be higher, one hundred or even hundreds of them, and such as the day throw, month throw such as short cycle type, each pair of pricing is about dozens to hundreds. It is difficult to evaluate its pricing criteria due to different use cycles, but from the average daily use price, it is clear that traditional contact lenses are more cost-effective.