How much does it cost to get contact lenses?

The price of contact lenses is not fixed, how much does it take to match a pair of contact lenses, but also according to the type of lenses and purchase channels divided into different prices. According to the material, RGP hard contact lenses must be fitted in the eye hospital, and the use period is longer, so the price is relatively expensive, the price of a pair of lenses is often as high as several thousand yuan, and the price of soft contact lenses is generally ranging from dozens to hundreds. Because the classification of soft contact lenses is more detailed, today we will specifically talk about the different price categories of soft contact lenses.


The life cycle of soft contact lenses is highly related to the number of specifications. Long-period traditional contact lenses, the general number of specifications is 1 or 2 pieces, so the price of a pair of contact lenses is usually about one or two hundred. The daily and monthly disposable contact lenses are often 5 pieces, 10 pieces, and many also have 20 pieces and 30 pieces, so the average price of each pair of lenses is about dozens of yuan.

There are many brands of soft contact lenses, and the pricing of different brands is slightly different. In many cases, even if the same brand of contact lenses, different series of pricing is not exactly the same. However, as long as you buy through formal channels, you do not have to worry about quality problems, and major brands will often do activities such as gifts, which is still very cost-effective.


If you buy and use contact lenses regularly, you can find that the price of contact lenses online and offline channels vary. Offline stores have more perfect optical services, and online stores have more abundant styles, so everyone can freely choose according to their own needs.

Finally, author reminds the eager novice wearers that contact lenses belong to medical devices and should be matched after professional evaluation. Everyone must go to the eye hospital for an optometry before the optometry.