How much is a pair of contact lenses?

Depending on the brand, material, life cycle, and specifications of soft contact lenses, there will be some price gaps.


The materials of contact lenses are generally divided into two types: hydrogel and silicone hydrogel. Even if it is the same brand, the price of contact lenses of different materials is not the same. Traditional long-period contact lenses usually use hydrogel as the main material, while silicone hydrogel innovatively adds silicon molecules to the hydrogel, which increases the production cost and thus the price is higher.

Contact lenses can be divided into daily, monthly, semi-annual, annual and other types according to the use cycle, and they must be replaced when they expire. Half-yearly and annual throws have better molding, strong durability, and can support long-term use, so they are more cost-effective. Although the unit price of daily disposable contact lenses is lower, they need to be replaced every day, and they need to be discarded after wearing, and the total cost of long-term use is relatively high.


Although you need a pair of lenses, that is, two lenses, because the binocular power may not be consistent, the specifications of contact lenses range from 1, 2, 5, 10 to 20, and 30 lenses. Under normal circumstances, the specifications for annual and half-yearly throws are mostly 1 or 2 pieces, while short-cycle throwaways, especially daily throws, have more specifications, so the price is more expensive. Compared with the unit price, the daily price is the highest, and the annual price is the lowest, and the wearer can buy it according to actual needs.

In short, when buying contact lenses, you should look for regular manufacturers, try to buy well-known and big brand products with authoritative certification, and everyone must pay attention to standardized operations when using them, in order to reduce the possibility of infection.