How should colour contact lens choose?

Contact lenses were originally marketed as a simple way to improve vision, but as people began to feel lighter and more aesthetically appealing, colored lenses also entered the market and became popular with beauty bloggers who recommended them. So, what are the differences between color contact lenses and ordinary lenses, and how to choose?

Color contact lenses have more variation possibilities than transparent lenses. Color contact lenses in the middle of two layers of lenses to add a layer of color, used to print a variety of patterns and colors, in order to beautify the pupil, modify the shape. If you can also match the appropriate makeup, that will be the icing on the cake.

   When it comes to choosing colors, fair-skinned people apparently have more options, and generally HOLD on to less popular colors. Gray, black, brown will be more versatile, especially suitable for office workers use. If feel the color is too drab, can choose the design that contains a few small decorative pattern, still can appear eye expression is abstruse, enlarge the effect of the eye is better.

In fact, color contact lenses are equivalent to one more layer than transparent lenses, so it will have an impact on oxygen permeability. In order to avoid corneal hypoxia, when wearing color contact lenses, it is better to reduce some more time according to the individual eye condition will be better, and must strictly follow the instructions to use and care for the lens.

The wearing effect of colored contact lens varies from person to person, it is to be able to be affected by the element such as color of skin, pupil color, makeup look, feel which good-looking cannot be taken for granted so buy which, must choose the style that suits oneself to wear and design, ability shows the beauty with the most individual character truly.