How should contact lens care fluid choose?

Contact lenses gradually life, daily after, its supporting products have also received a lot of attention. In addition to daily throwing, wearing contact lenses need to be cleaned and cared after removing the lens, the necessity of contact lens care solution is self-evident. So, how should the contact lens care fluid choose?



In the past, the function of nursing liquid is still relatively single, but now the vast majority of nursing liquid on the market belongs to the multi-functional compound nursing liquid, which is a colorless and transparent liquid at room temperature, composed of preservatives, bactericidal ingredients and disinfection ingredients. The main function of contact lens care solution is to clean, rinse, disinfect and preserve lenses. While sterilization and disinfection, it should ensure mild and not stimulation to ensure the healthy microenvironment of eye tissues and cells.

The shelf life of contact lens care solution is generally three months, and after more than three months, its sterilization ability is greatly reduced, so it is not suitable for continuing to use again. Therefore, it is best to record the opening date on the bottle of nursing fluid after opening, so as not to continue to use it overdue and increase the risk of eye infection.


In addition, author prompts you to carefully choose no rub type nursing liquid. Although the non-rubbing nursing liquid claims to remove the protein precipitation directly without rubbing, by shaking and soaking, the precipitation substances attached to the lens mostly contain lipids, protein and other components, and these substances are difficult to be completely removed without careful rubbing and precipitation.

Finally, it should be noted that nursing liquid also belongs to three types of medical devices. We should look for relevant qualifications when buying, and carefully check whether the product manual, manufacturer, license number, production date and other information is clear and accurate.