How should contact lens eye drops be used?

When wearing contact lenses will inevitably cause dry eyes, the first reaction of many people is to drop eye drops. So, can you drop eye drops when wearing contact lenses?


In fact, the vast majority of eye drops are not suitable for instillation while wearing contact lenses. The material of the contact lens lens is very hydrophilic, the water in the eye drops will be absorbed by the contact lens, and the remaining medicinal ingredients and preservatives will be concentrated between the eyeball and the lens, which will easily burn the cornea, and may Affect the material of the lens, resulting in unknown changes in the transmittance and power of the contact lens.

During wearing, if you really feel dry and uncomfortable in your eyes, you can buy contact lens lotion or artificial tears to moisturize your eyes. When using, you need to open the lower eyelid and drop a few drops of eye lotion or artificial tears, then release the eyelid and turn the eyeball to distribute the liquid evenly. However, it should be noted that frequent use of eye lotion may cause eye dependence and affect tear function, so try not to use it more than 6 times a day.


However, a dry environment or overuse of the eyes can also cause dry eyes. In this case, instead of using eye drops, it is better to change your eye habits, pay more attention to eye care and hygiene, and develop good work and rest habits. On the other hand, wearing contact lenses should be avoided as much as possible in air-conditioned rooms or in windy weather.

If there is inflammation or infection in the eyes during wearing, be sure to seek medical attention in time, stop wearing contact lenses, use eye drops under the guidance of a doctor, and use contact lenses after the eyes recover!