How should the contact lens case be used?

When the contact lenses are not worn in the eyes, they are kept in the contact lens case. Contact lens case is a necessity for wearing contact lenses, and it is often used together with care solution. However, do you really know how to use and clean contact lens cases?


The contact lens case usually contains a double box, tweezers and a wearing stick, and some contact lens cases now come with a small bottle for dispensing care solution. The tweezers and the wearing stick are wrapped with a rubber head at one end to prevent damage to the lens, while the small bottle can only contain a small amount of care solution for temporary emergency use. The two small boxes on the left and right of the double box will be marked with "L" and "R" to distinguish them. The lenses can be placed separately to avoid confusion.

The contact lens case directly touches the contact lens, so hygiene is very important. Before unpacking and use, it must be scalded and disinfected with boiling water and placed in air to dry. The tweezers and wearing stick should also be rinsed with care solution. When pouring the care solution, only two-thirds of it can be poured. Too much care solution may cause damage to the lens when the lid is closed. When wearing contact lenses on a daily basis, the care solution in the double box should be replaced daily, and when not wearing the glasses, the fresh care solution should be replaced every two days.


In order to preserve the lenses, the contact lens case itself has been in a damp state for a long time, so in addition to regular scalding and disinfection, it should also be thrown out and replaced every three months. Remember not to place the contact lens case in humid environments such as toilets and showers in daily life to avoid bacterial growth and contamination of the lenses.

The contact lens case is convenient to carry around and can also help us cope with some emergencies. Whether it is cleaning in time or temporarily storing lenses, it is very practical. You must learn how to use it carefully!