How to avoid harm when wearing contact lenses?

One side is relaxed and beautiful for the removal of the frame, and the fear of corneal damage on one side, the contact lens can be replaced at any time, but the human eye has only one pair.Whether it is to become more beautiful, or to make everyday life more convenient, as long as you want to wear contact lenses, you should learn how to avoid harm to your eyes.


In the initial wear of contact lenses, most people will feel uncomfortable, may be a sense of friction, may cry, may also have temporary conjunctival congestion.A series of reactions caused by the stimulation of the cornea by the lens will naturally fade in a short time.In order to help the cornea adapt as quickly as possible, the wear time should be gradually extended from 2 hours.

In the first few months of wearing, it is most likely to encounter a variety of eye problems, often go to the hospital for review, you can timely understand and master the situation of the cornea.If symptoms of unclear vision and redness of the pain are found, stop wearing and observe immediately.The barrier formed by the corneal epithelial cells can prevent the invasion of most microorganisms. If it is traumatic due to the wrong way of wearing, it is necessary to allow sufficient time for the cell layer to self-repair, so as to avoid bacterial invasion and infection.


The health problems caused by contact lenses are increasing, but the vast majority are neglected by disinfection and cleaning.Lenses are not resistant to bacteria, and protein precipitation is a hotbed of bacterial growth.You can't neglect the cleaning of the lens because of haste or fear of trouble. Even when applying the foundation, you should be careful when entering the eyeliner.

Wearing contact lenses and protecting your eyes is not a matter of fire and water. The key is to recognize the importance of sanitation and to develop correct usage habits.