How to choose a contact lens for astigmatism?

 Contact lenses are popular around the world and are very popular among young people. Since contact lenses can also correct vision, so how do astigmatism patients choose contact lenses?

 Before matching the glasses, we should go to a regular hospital to do an eye examination. Whether, with ordinary contact lenses or astigmatism contact lenses, you need to check the eyes first, to see if it is suitable to wear contact lenses. Diskulation patients should also do a dilated pupil examination, clear the degree and axis, so as to make reference for the mirror.


 If the astigmatism is within 75 degrees, and it does not affect the daily vision, then it can be directly matched with ordinary contact lenses. According to the myopia degree can be converted to the appropriate contact lens degree, the contact lens and the eyeball formed between the tear lens can make up for a certain astigmatism.

 If the astigmatism is above 75 degrees, or the degree of astigmatism will affect the normal use of the eye, then a pair of astigmatism contact lenses should be customized. Astigmatism correction, improper will not only cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, but also lead to torticollis and other problems. Astigmatism contact lenses are to add a prism on the basis of ordinary lenses, which can correct astigmatism and myopia at the same time, ensuring that astigmatism patients can obtain clear and stable vision.


Spermatism is often accompanied by myopia or farsightedness. Because people do not understand the relevant knowledge and symptoms of astigmatism, astigmatism is often ignored, and even many people do not know the existence of astigmatism contact lenses. At present, the problem of visual fatigue is common in daily life. In order to ensure the correction effect, author suggests that you must go to a professional eye hospital for examination before matching glasses, and follow the advice of doctors and matching glasses division.