How to choose contact lens diameter?

The diameter of a contact lens refers to the maximum straight line distance between the edges of the lens. In general, the diameter of contact lenses on the market is roughly divided into three kinds: 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.5mm. Contact lenses larger than 14.5mm not only cannot dilate the pupil effectively, but also may block the pupil and cause the cornea to be hypoxic.


It is important to know that the diameter of contact lenses is not always better. Under normal circumstances, the diameter of 14.2mm is the highest fit, and when you can't clearly know what kind of diameter you are suitable for, you can start from the 14.2mm lens to try to wear. After that, you can try to combine the pattern effect and makeup needs to choose the right diameter for your contact lens.

At the same time, the eye parameters also provide a lot of reference for choosing the lens diameter. For example, people with small eyes will have a certain difficulty in wearing large-diameter contact lenses, so the choice will be limited. Moreover, the average eye data of men and women are also slightly different, and cannot be generalized. Only the right diameter can better adhere to the cornea to avoid eye discomfort and inflammation.


When choosing color contact lenses, due to the addition effect of the color of the pattern, it is not possible to blindly pursue large diameters. In order to be beautiful, we should ensure that the whites of the eyes: black: the ratio of the whites of the eyes is 1:2:1, which looks more natural and harmonious. If you rush to choose a large diameter and black edge style, it may make the eyes dull and dull.

Contact lens wearers, especially those who are new to contact lenses, must understand the basic situation of contact lenses before purchasing contact lenses, do not buy casually, and wear contact lenses under the premise of health and safety!