How to choose contact lenses?

In the current market, there are many kinds of contact lenses, many series, and complex parameters, which cause many people to feel confused when choosing. Today, the editor will introduce to you how to choose contact lenses.


Due to the many parameters of contact lenses, which are related to the matching degree and comfort of wearing, it is recommended that you go to the eye hospital for a comprehensive eye examination before the initial prescription, and carefully check the fundus, cornea, pupil, etc. Contraindications and no inflammation can wear contact lenses. In addition, you can also try it on to check whether the base arc and other data match.

If the degree of the frame glasses is known, you can check the required degree of contact lenses through the comparison table. In order to get a more suitable degree, Xiaobian recommends an optometry examination, and choose the appropriate contact lens degree according to the results and the optician's suggestion. Usually no conversion is required below 400 degrees, and you can buy it directly according to the degree. If it exceeds 400 degrees, you need to reduce the corresponding degree according to the range.


Generally speaking, the optical shop will convert the astigmatism into the myopia calculation, but this calculation method is not formal. Usually, when the astigmatism is not serious, you can choose to wear glasses directly according to the degree of myopia, but if the astigmatism exceeds 75 degrees, or if it affects your vision, you need to customize astigmatic contact lenses.

The question of how to choose contact lenses is ultimately determined based on economic ability, eye habits, wearing frequency, etc. Annual and half-yearly throwing are cost-effective, and daily throwing is safer and more portable. But no matter which contact lens you choose, you must pay attention to maintaining eye hygiene, develop good eye habits, and do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.