How to choose contact lenses?

Wearing the right contact lenses can improve wearing comfort and avoid eye damage or increased exposure. Today, let's talk about how to choose contact lenses.

Before fitting glasses, everyone should go to the eye hospital to register for a detailed examination. One is to check whether they have any contraindications to wearing contact lenses, and the other is to know the exact degree and other eye parameters. You can consult an optometrist in combination with your eye habits and needs to obtain rationalized recommendations for spectacles.


In addition to professional opinions, due to the many parameters of contact lenses, the editor also gives you three small suggestions, hoping to help you choose the right contact lenses:

The material of the contact lens is a key parameter, which is directly related to the oxygen permeability coefficient of the lens. In order not to affect corneal respiration, it is recommended that you try to choose contact lenses with high oxygen permeability. If possible, it is best to buy silicone hydrogel contact lenses.


The water content of the lens can be roughly divided into three types: high, medium and low, which can be selected according to their own tear secretion. If your own tear secretion is better, you can choose contact lenses with higher water content, which are more comfortable to wear. If your eyes are usually dry, you can choose lenses with lower water content to prevent the water in your eyes from evaporating too quickly.

There are many brands of contact lenses on the market, and the various series that are continuously launched are also dazzling. However, as long as you remember that contact lenses belong to the third category of medical devices, identify the relevant qualifications, and carefully confirm the batch number and the manufacturer's information and address on the packaging, you can buy qualified and assured products.