How to Choose the Farsighted Contact Lenses ?

Although hyperopia and myopia both belong to the refractive error, there are generally more myopic patients than hyperopic patients in daily life. Hence, the farsighted contact lens products are relatively less, which needs special customization. If you want to wear the farsighted contact lens, you need to go to the standard hospital for the optometry in order to make sure of the degree. According to the doctor’s advice, you could make a selection.

The farsighted eye is formed through the steps of the parallel rays pass the crystalline lens, produce refraction, and then the focus falls on the retina. Many farsighted eyes with medium and high degree not only have weak eyesight, but also along with the problems of strabismus and amblyopia, which is more troublesome than the nearsighted eyes. Slight farsightedness doesn’t need correct eyesight as long as it doesn’t cause visual impairment or strabismus phenomenon. Only the severe farsightedness needs eyesight correction through wearing frame glasses or contact lens. Those who have severe farsightedness in single eye is more suitable to wear the contact lens.

It varies with each individual regarding the parameters such as water content, oxygen permeability, etc. As for the hyperopic patients, most of them are middle aged and elderly people. Human eye tissues start to degenerate evidently after 40 years old, and resistibility and hypoxia tolerance ability decrease substantially. Hence, it is not advised to wear contact lens.


While wearing the farsighted contact lens for the first time, you should consult the doctor whether you are diagnosed with eye disease that is not suitable for wearing contact lens or not and use the contact lens under the guidance of professionals. You should pay attention to check the contact lens, whether the surface is smooth, flawless with adequate base curve or not, whether the contact lens fall off from the eyes or not, and whether contact lens have friction with the eyes or not. The hygiene requirement of the contact lens is very strict. Once occur the symptoms such as eye irritation, bloodshot eye, blurry vision, photophobia, etc., you must immediately stop wearing the contact lens.

Nevertheless, farsighted contact lens is only one way of eyesight correction. You should care and protect well your eyes in everyday life. Staying up late and eating spicy and irritating food is not advised. Meanwhile, you could provide the eyes with more nutrition by adding vitamin in the daily food.