How to choose the prescription of contact lenses?

The degree division of contact lenses is very detailed, and the interval between the two degrees is also very small, in most cases, there is a gear available every 25 degrees, which makes many wearers feel headache and do not know how to choose. Today, we will talk in detail about how to choose the prescription of contact lenses.


The degree of contact lenses is very important, it will directly affect the fit of the lens and the comfort of wearing. Many myopia patients in order to convenience and in the frame glasses and contact lenses choose the latter, if the degree is not suitable and lead to the deepening of the degree, it is not worth the loss. Especially in the case of astigmatism, it must not simply be superimposed on the degree of ordinary lenses, but it can not be arbitrarily selected.

The prescription of contact lenses is not the same as that of frame glasses and usually needs to be converted. The formula of degree conversion is very complex, and there is little difference between the two when the degree is low, but the higher the degree, the greater the difference between the two degrees. If you do not know how to choose, you can find it directly according to the degree comparison table, which is more simple and convenient, and you can also directly provide the degree, so that professionals can help choose the most suitable lens.


Sometimes, the two eyes may not be exactly the same. When the degrees of the two eyes are inconsistent, they must be fitted separately. In general, we need the optician to adjust the degree arrangement according to the actual correction needs, the two eyes buy different degrees of contact lenses separately, and in this case, the preservation lens must pay attention to distinguish, must not be confused.

In short, author strongly recommends that the wearer do the optometry first, so that the degree obtained is more accurate, and the lens can also be comfortable and clear.