How to choose the right contact lens moisture content?

The moisture content of contact lenses, which refers to the proportion of moisture in the lenses of contact lenses, is usually marked on the product packaging. The moisture content of annual and semi-annual throwing is generally between 38% and 42%, while daily throwing contact lenses can reach 50% or even more than 60%. So, how to choose the right contact lens moisture content?


Moisture content is very important for contact lenses, it will indirectly or directly affect many parameters of the lens. The higher the moisture content of the contact lens, the stronger its ability to transport oxygen and the stronger the oxygen permeability. At the same time, high moisture will make the lens more hydrated, more comfortable, and the lens material will be softer.

However, it cannot simply be considered that the higher the water content, the better. On the one hand, lenses with high water content may be more likely to adsorb and precipitate, not easy to clean, and more likely to be damaged and deformed after long-term use; No water is produced, so the lost water needs to be replenished by tears. The higher the water content, the more tears need to be absorbed, which will eventually cause the eyes to dry out.


According to the wearer's personal situation and wearing habits, we recommend people with less tear secretion and dry eyes to choose contact lenses with low water content, while those with high oxygen permeability are more suitable for high water content, short cycle contact lens products . Of course, due to the softness of the lenses with high water content, you must be very careful when handling them.

The choice of contact lenses can not only look at a single parameter, in order to wear comfortable and moisturizing, stable and clear vision, it is necessary to buy matching contact lenses, especially the appropriate water content.