How to choose the right contact lens throw type?

When buying contact lenses, you always escape the choice. But author found that many people are not very clear about this, do not know how to choose, so today we will talk about how to correctly choose the right contact lens throwing.


Overall, parabolic contact lenses can be divided into two categories: long periods and short periods. Among them, the long cycle selling is mainly the year selling, half a year selling, the short cycle selling is mainly the day selling, biweekly selling, month selling and so on.

There has always been a saying that the shorter the healthier, and there is some truth. Within a few minutes after wearing the contact lenses, they begin to be contaminated with various precipitation substances, coupled with the normal secretions of the eyes, which are eventually deposited inside the lens to form a protein precipitation that is difficult to remove. These precipitates are difficult to clean thoroughly, so it is easy to breed bacteria and can form wear and tear on the corneal epithelial cells. Therefore, the shorter the use cycle of contact lenses, the less the accumulated protein precipitation, which is the safest for natural day throwing contact lenses.


Long-cycle contact lenses generally have slightly lower water content and are well formed, which is very suitable for people with easy dry eyes and people who wear them for the first time. The biggest advantage of this kind of throwing model is the low cost performance. People who wear mirrors for a long time and those who pay attention to the price advantage can try to wear it, but they must develop good nursing habits and can not be lazy by chance.

Short-cycle contact lenses have high water content and high comfort. If there are higher requirements for wearing comfort, and under economic conditions, it is recommended that you choose short cycles as far as possible.

However, no matter what kind of throw type to choose, before the first purchase of Xiaobian all suggest that you go to the eye hospital to do a detailed examination, to determine the eye condition can wear contact lenses.