How to clean contact lenses?

In the process of wearing contact lenses, it will continuously absorb dust and eye secretions in the air to form sediments. If these deposits cannot be removed in time after wearing, they will block the oxygen-permeable holes of the lens and hinder corneal breathing.

Daily disposable contact lenses generally do not need to be cleaned, as long as they are unpacked and worn according to the instructions, and they can be discarded directly after wearing. However, not everyone only uses daily throws. Considering various factors such as price and frequency of use, there are still many people who buy monthly throws, semi-annual throws, annual throws, etc., so it is very important to learn to clean.


So, how to clean contact lenses? First, thoroughly clean your hands, take out the lens and place it in the center of your palm, put a few drops of the care solution on the lens, and gently rub the belly of your right finger. After 20 seconds on the front and back, rinse with fresh care solution. Put the rinsed lenses into the double box, then pour two-thirds of the care solution, cover and soak for more than 6 hours before continuing to wear. The care solution can ensure moisturizing and disinfecting effects, avoiding drying of lenses or contamination of bacteria, etc.


At the same time, cleaning should not be limited to lenses. The double box for storing lenses and the small tools for taking lenses should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. After taking out the lenses, scald and disinfect the contact lens case with boiling water, or place it in the sun if possible, and then put the contact lens case in a cool and dry place. Before use, it can be rinsed with the care solution as a secondary disinfection.

In general, I recommend cleaning the lenses after each use. For the health of the eyes, we must not be afraid of trouble, and at the same time, we must always pay attention to the shelf life of contact lenses and care solutions to avoid overdue use.