How to clean contact lenses?

If the deposits on contact lenses are not thoroughly cleaned, they will not only affect the vision, hinder eye breathing, but also may cause inflammation due to friction of the cornea. So, how should contact lenses be cleaned?


The standard cleaning procedure for contact lenses is to take a lens that needs care first, place it in the center of the sterilized palm, drop a few drops of fresh care solution, press and rub the lens with the pulp of the index finger, and wash the front and back sides for at least 20 seconds. , pick up the lens with tweezers and rinse thoroughly with fresh care solution. After cleaning the other contact lens, you can avoid mixing up the left and right lenses.

After cleaning, pour about two-thirds of the volume of fresh care solution into the double box, and then put the lens in it, and make sure that the lens is completely immersed in the care solution. If the lens floats, it is easy to damage the lens when screwing on the cap. The soaking time should be guaranteed for at least 6 hours. It is best to put the lenses into the double box before going to bed, and you can directly take them out and wear them the next day.


The date of unpacking and the use cycle of contact lenses should be recorded so that new contact lenses can be replaced in time. Contact lenses that have exceeded their use cycle are significantly less antimicrobial and less durable, and there is a significant risk of continued wear. At the same time, the shelf life of the care solution for lens care is generally three months, and the date of opening and use should also be recorded on the bottle. Expired care solutions can no longer be used to clean and disinfect the lenses, nor can they be soaked to avoid contamination of the lenses in turn.

In the process of using contact lenses, everyone should strictly follow standard procedures to care and clean contact lenses, pay attention to local hygiene, and strictly control the wearing time, so as to ensure eye health.