How to correctly select and use contact lens solution?

For the contact lens wearer, the solution is of great importance. The major constituents of the contact lens solution are sodium chloride, preservative, etc, which are mainly used for cleaning and sterilizing contact lens, deproteinization, etc. If we don’t correctly know and use contact lens solution, the damage to our eyes is very obvious. Today, Jilin Realcon is going to share some knowledge on how to select and use contact lens solution with you.


Pay attention to the expiry date. Generally, if unopened, the expiry date of solution is 2 years. If opened, its expiry date is 3 months. If over 3 months, its constituent will change and the sterilizing function will hugely decrease. Once expired, we should stop using.


Remember not to blindly pursue the sterilizing efficacy. Many people think that it is better if the sterilizing efficacy is stronger. So they select various multi-functional and powerful products. But they neglect its irritation to the eyes. Actually, solution needs to keep a certain balance to guarantee comfort and safety as well as sterilization.


Choose carefully the rub-free solution. Currently, rub-free solution is very popular. Actually, rubbing lens is more important than choosing solution. The protein precipitation of rubbed contact lens will reduce significantly under the microscope. If without complete cleaning, it will not only affect the lens lifetime, but also cause eye disease.


Correct product plus correct usage could play the real role of contact lens solution. Since its establishment in 2009, Jilin Realcon Contact Lens Co.,Ltd. always adheres to the management idea of “science and technology, fashion, health, safety”as well as devotes to providing much more premium and comfortable product to the customer. Besides, it should be emphasized that the efficacy of solution and eye drops is completely different. We must not drip directly the solution into the eyes.