How to determine whether the contact lenses are genuine?

 As more and more young people start to wear contact lenses, the market for contact lenses, especially colored contact lenses, is expanding year by year. Meanwhile, reports of eye damage and even blindness caused by wearing inferior contact lenses are often reported. So, how do we make sure if the contact lenses are genuine?


 First, query brand anti-counterfeiting certification. Many well-known brands in the market have their own anti-counterfeiting logo, which can be checked to confirm whether the security code and scan the QR code is genuine. Mainstream brand accumulation for many years, not only strong strength, the quality of good products, varieties, at the same time after-sales is also guaranteed, so author more suggest that you try to choose big brand products.

 Second, look for the relevant qualifications. In China, the production and sales of contact lenses must hold the relevant production license and sales license, otherwise it is a violation. Whether online or offline, contact lenses can be purchased to provide licenses. Import contact lens products can be queried for customs declaration, license number, agent name and telephone number and other information.


 Third, check the packaging information. Because contact lenses are listed as medical devices, so the regular contact lens products should specify the license number, manufacturer, factory address and other information on the commodity packaging. You can also log on to the website of the Food and Drug Administration to check whether the information on the box is true.

Finally, we need to remind you that, for the safety and health of the eyes, we must buy contact lenses through formal channels, especially when buying color contact lenses, do not casually go to small stalls and other illegal places to buy oh!