How to find a better fit contact lens?

Wear contact lenses, high fit is always the main appeal of everyone. Among the many parameters, there are indeed several parameters that are closely related to the fit of contact lenses, let's take a look at it!


The diameter of the contact lens has a lot to do with the wearing effect and fit. But at the same time, the diameter of the contact lens is also limited by the size of the eye, small eyes people wear large diameter contact lenses still have a certain degree of difficulty, in the aesthetic will be slightly inferior.

The base arc of the contact lens determines the degree of curvature of the lens, which also affects the comfort of wearing. When the base arc of the lens is smaller than the base arc of the eyeball, it will feel that the eyeball is tightly sucked and pinched, and there is a strong sense of friction and discomfort when blinking, but when the base arc of the lens is larger than the base arc of the eyeball, it will cause the problem of slipping when worn, and there is a risk of slipping the lens when moving.


I believe everyone can understand the importance of this parameter. If the degree is not appropriate, the correction effect is not good, and it will also cause the degree to deepen. Here Xiaobian needs to emphasize that the degree of contact lenses is not equal to the degree of frame glasses, and the conversion between the two also involves the degree of the problem, if the degree of their own is not very clear, be sure to do an optometry before the lens.

Oxygen permeability is an important criterion to judge the quality of contact lenses, in order to eye health, the oxygen permeability coefficient must be as high as possible. Therefore, we should first look at the oxygen permeability index provided on the product manual, and the second is to try to choose a short cycle abandoned lens. If economic conditions permit, you can choose silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

I hope everyone can find more suitable for their own contact lenses!