How to get contact lenses?

Removing contact lenses is not hard, but requires a little skill. If you are troubled by not being able to take your contact lenses, then I hope this article can give you some help.


Before picking, you must clean your hands to avoid bacteria and viruses on your hands from entering the eyes through the lens, which will eventually cause corneal infection. In addition, don't forget to rinse and disinfect tools such as tweezers. It is best if it can be air-dried naturally to avoid leaving fluff or paper dust.

When taking the lens, keep your body seated facing the mirror, first open the upper eyelid with one finger, then press and open the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the lens taking hand, and press the two sides of the contact lens with the index finger and thumb respectively. With light force, the lens can be arched out of the eye, and then the contact lens can be pinched out.


If there is a lack of water in the eye, the lens will be adsorbed on the eyeball due to the strong hydrophilicity of the material. At this time, taking it hard will easily damage the cornea. You can first drop a few drops of artificial tears to moisten the eyes, and then the lenses can be easily removed.

Contact lenses with high water content are generally softer, which also means they are more difficult to remove. It is recommended that novices start with lenses with a water content of 38%-42%, such as annual or half-year lenses, to practice picking and taking lenses, and then buy daily disposables with high water content after the operation is proficient.

It is especially important to note that the operation of taking the lens must be standardized, and it must be cleaned well, otherwise the excessive force of taking the lens may cause damage to the corneal epithelial tissue, and then contact with bacteria and viruses can easily cause inflammation and infection. Everyday you should also pay attention to trimming your nails, try not to keep long nails, and pay attention to cleaning the nail seams.