How to identify real and fake contact lenses?

Different brands of contact lenses have different textures, and there will be some differences in thickness and hardness. So, how should we distinguish between true and false contact lenses? How do you know if the contact lenses you buy are genuine?


At present, contact lenses are included in the third category of medical devices and are subject to national supervision. According to relevant regulations, the production of contact lenses requires a medical device production license, and the sale of contact lenses requires a medical device business license. The state has clear requirements for the production environment, equipment, and personnel preparation of contact lenses. Therefore, it is illegal for individuals or companies without licenses to sell and produce contact lenses.

Generally speaking, well-known contact lens brands have complete qualifications, unified production lines, and better after-sales service. The editor recommends that you choose well-known brands as much as possible, and do not buy Sanwu products, so as to avoid damage to the eyes caused by inferior contact lenses. Although it is cheaper and more convenient to buy contact lenses on the Internet, it is also difficult to protect rights.


After receiving the contact lenses, you should first check whether the printing of various parameters, registration certificate number, batch number, manufacturer, address and other information on the outer packaging box is complete and clear, and some brands will print anti-counterfeiting marks on the outer packaging. . After disassembling, you can check whether the seal is complete, whether the label printing is clear, whether the preservation solution is transparent and free of impurities, etc.

If you spend the same price, but buy inferior products, it may cause damage to the eyes, which is very worth the loss. The management of contact lenses is very strict, and quality problems should also be paid attention to. It is recommended that everyone buy qualified products from formal channels.