How to judge the quality of contact lenses?

Contact lenses are in direct contact with the eyes. If you wear a product of poor quality, it is easy to cause damage to the eyes. Today, I will teach you a few very simple ways to identify the quality of contact lenses.


According to national regulations, product information, including manufacturer, factory address, trademark, certificate number, etc., will be printed in detail on the outer packaging box of contact lenses. Due to the particularity of contact lenses, the requirements for the production of sanitary conditions are relatively strict, and the production and sales of contact lenses also require production licenses and medical licenses. Therefore, brands with good reputation from large manufacturers are more secure.

After the contact lens is opened, it needs to be carefully identified, check whether the storage solution is transparent and free of impurities, and whether there is any defect or damage on the lens. You can use small tweezers to pick up the lens and place it on the finger pulp to observe whether the edge of the lens is round and smooth, and whether the curvature is natural and soft. Only qualified products are comfortable to wear and have no foreign body sensation. If you find any problems with your contact lenses, you should immediately contact the merchant to replace them for free.


For colored contact lenses, the pattern should also be carefully observed to confirm that the pattern is printed evenly and clearly. Regular contact lenses use a "sandwich" process to seal the color between the two layers of lenses. If the contact lens has a color fading problem, or the cornea is stained, it means that it is a fake product.

There are many brands and types of contact lenses on the market. Although the diversified products bring more choices, they also bring great difficulties in identification. Therefore, we must learn to correctly distinguish the quality of contact lenses.