How to learn quickly, to wear contact lenses?

 Many people always find it difficult to wear contact lenses when they first touch their contact lenses. They don't know how to wear contact lenses quickly and accurately. Today, author teaches you some tips to wear contact lenses, hoping to help you quickly master the wearing method.


 Before wearing it formally, we need to clean our hands as usual. Nail should not be left too long, otherwise it is easy to leave scratches on the lens. Also keep the fingers dry, otherwise the lens itself is strong water absorption, may stick to the fingers and cause failure to wear.

 Here are the standard wearing steps: first of all, remove the lens, place the front up on the wearing stick, and then the eyes look down slightly, hold the root of the eyelash with two fingers to open the upper and lower eyelids as far as possible, and finally hold the lens gently stick to the eyeball, the lens will automatically absorb it. At this point, just close your eyes and turn your eyes, the contact lens can automatically locate to the most suitable position.


 Usually, the common problem encountered when wearing glasses is that the lenses can not be pushed into the eye due to excessive tension and poor operation. You can try to wear the mirror with a clean finger instead of the stick, which can effectively relieve the tension, or tilt a little when pushing the lens, let the lower edge of the lens be attached to the eyeball first, so as to improve the success rate. At the same time, if it is difficult to control the blink problem, author suggests that you first put the lens in the white of your eyes, and then push back to the correct position.

The operation of wearing is actually very important, because once the improper force may cause damage to the cornea, so we must practice more than the above method oh!