How to look at contact lens shelf life?

Contact lenses bring convenience to many people, but it's easy to overlook the shelf life of contact lenses. Today, we're going to talk about the shelf life of contact lenses.

The shelf life of an unopened contact lens is usually 5 years, and the shelf life of an unopened contact lens is its lifespan. The life cycle of contact lenses is marked on the box, counting from the opening date, and they need to be discarded before they expire.


 Before unpacking a newly purchased contact lens, you should first check whether the lens is damaged and whether the preservation solution is cloudy and mixed with debris. If there is any problem, you can contact the business for replacement. After unpacking, the lens should be taken out and placed on the wearing stick to check whether there is a scratch or damage on the lens. If there is a scratch or damage, you can immediately communicate with the business to replace it. After confirming that the lens has no quality problems, the lens can be soaked in the nursing solution and kept for at least 8 hours before wearing.


Contact lenses may not be visible to the naked eye after their expiration date, which also requires timely replacement. Expired contact lenses can cause aging and deterioration, decreased transparency, poor oxygen permeability, decreased antibacterial and other problems. If you continue to wear contact lenses, it is easy to cause eye diseases and uncomfortable to wear.

In general, it is difficult to completely remove precipitated material from contact lenses, so it is generally recommended that you discard it some time in advance. For example, the year is recommended to throw 8-10 months for new, half a year to throw 4-5 months for new, month to throw about 20 days for new and so on. However, if the sediment cannot be removed or the lenses are damaged, get a new pair of contacts immediately.