How to maintain contact lenses?

Care and maintenance work is of great significance to prolong the life of contact lenses and ensure the health of the eyes. So, how should we maintain it when wearing contact lenses for a long time, especially when using multiple pairs of different contact lenses at the same time?


There are differences in the use cycle of contact lenses, especially when multiple pairs of lenses are used at the same time, it is easy to get confused. It is best to use a small card or a small sticker to write the opening date and disposal date on the contact lens case, so that you can keep abreast of the progress of the lens at any time.

For the care of contact lenses must not be afraid of trouble. Contact lenses that have not been worn for a long time need to be stored in a contact lens case, and the care solution in the double box should be replaced every 1-2 days. At the same time, since the double box is always in a wet state, it is easy to breed bacteria, so the lenses should be taken out every week, and the lens and double box should be thoroughly cleaned. The contact lens case should be placed in a cool and dry place every day, rather than a damp place such as a toilet or bathroom.


When maintaining contact lenses, do not use tap water, mineral water, purified water or normal saline to wash and soak contact lenses, which will cause the lenses to deteriorate, and do not reuse the care solution. Generally speaking, the shelf life of the care solution is three months. Usually, you should pay attention to the bottle cap tightly, keep the bottle mouth hygienic, and try to avoid touching the bottle mouth of the care solution with your fingers or other items.

Although the daily maintenance of contact lenses is cumbersome, it is a necessary step. Improper storage of lenses will not only easily breed bacteria, cause corneal infection, but also accelerate the aging and deterioration of lenses, so care must be taken and careful.