How to match the prescription of contact lenses?

Improper selection of contact lenses will not only cause dizziness and blurred vision, but also lead to further deepening of the degree. So, do you know how to match contact lenses?


The degrees of contact lenses and frame glasses are not the same, because contact lenses are closer to the surface of the eyeball than frame glasses, so the degree of contact lenses is lower than that of frame glasses. The conversion formula of contact lens power is somewhat complicated, and it is not easy to understand and memorize. Therefore, a quicker and more convenient comparison table is generally used to determine the power of contact lenses.

Because the tear layer is distributed between the lens of the contact lens and the eyeball, it can play a certain role in refraction, so if the degree of myopia does not exceed 400 degrees, you can buy contact lenses directly according to the degree of the frame glasses. However, if the degree of myopia is high, or the eye needs are high, you need to obtain the degree of contact lenses according to the table.


In general, most patients with refractive errors also have symptoms of astigmatism. Ordinary contact lenses can be worn if the astigmatism does not exceed 75 degrees, or if it does not affect daily vision. However, with the deepening of astigmatism, improper correction may lead to problems such as torticollis and amblyopia. It is better for you to customize astigmatic contact lenses.

Due to the high frequency and long-term exposure of people to electronic products in modern society, even adults, the degree may not be stable. When wearing contact lenses, it is also necessary to formulate a more suitable plan according to the situation and needs of the eyes. Therefore, if you choose to wear contact lenses, the editor still recommends that you go to a professional hospital to measure the degree first, and it is more appropriate to wear glasses according to the results.